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Verb: A particularly strong, and often potent ejaculation of semen, typically dispensed from teh penis, onto the face of a (preferably) female cumcepticle.

Derrivation: See dick spit

The word cannot and should not be used as a noun. Ever, lest ye die, as outlined by holy doctrines of teh second son of Jupiter.
Cassius: I was puss-fucking Alexia the other night, when I'd finished with her lower frontal cock cabinet I sprayed penile vomit into her face, bitch was furious dude!

Demetrius: Epic lolz @ her face.

Cassius: I know dude, I sex-pwnd that fuck/cum-recepticle. I even took a photo an sent it to that ho's mom.

Demetrius: You iz one sick cunt-punisher!

Cassius: Tru fax.
by noiizntgotbttnxfraxingbtch December 18, 2010
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