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The lock and key theory can finally be disproved. The lock and key theory states that "A key that opens many locks is a master key, yet a lock that can be opened by many keys is a useless lock" The counter theory, the pencil and sharpener theory states that "a pencil that is sharpened by a lot of sharpeners becomes a useless stub/pencil while a sharpener that sharpens a lot of pencils is a good pencil sharpener" This theory is rarely favoured by males... for some reason.

Are you curious to know how this proof was derived? if YES, Click on Alt + F4 (on windows) and ⌘ + Shift + W (on a mac)
The pencil and sharpener theory is mostly used to shut a boy up when he brings up the lock and key theory. Works everytime
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by Pitarz September 08, 2016
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