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(Chile) Equivalent to a preppy girl in Chile.
Also called cuicas.
There are some pelolais wannabes too, careful. (they are also ondulais, the curly haired ones).
Ways to find out if you are in front of a real pelolais:
-They are skinny, and everything fits well on them. They buy clothes in Alonso de Cordoba, Zara, MNG, Ona Saez, Polo Ralph Lauren, UCB and the only malls they know are Alto las Condes and Parque Arauco.
-They are from privates schools as Villa Maria Academy (also called VMA's girls), The Grange School, Colegio Cordillera, Santiago College, Colegio Cumbres, Saint George's College, Nido de Aguilas International school...
-If you are a VMA probably you have a boyfriend from Verbo Divino's school.
-Their last names are from chilean founder welthy families with lots of "r"s as Errazuriz, Echeverria, Astarburuaga, Artiagoitia, Aguirre, Aranguiz, Echazarreta, Cousiño etc etc etc.
-They don't use transantiago.
-They spend their vacations on Santo Domingo, Zapallar, Bahia Inglesa, San Alfonso del Mar, Pucon, etc.
-They party at Plaza San Enrique's clubs.
-Her favorite grad school is Pontificia Universidad Catolica. If they can go there, they choose privates universities as: Finis Terrae University, Los Andes University, and all those opus dei ones.
-They go to church to do social life.
-They think that Providencia is Santiago's downtown, and the don't cross Plaza Italia.
-Use minimal makeup
-They plan to be virgin until marriage, and they get pregnant easily.
-Eat junky food and don't get fat.
-Have natural highlights
-DON'T HAVE FOTOLOG, only facebook. (fotolog is for pokemonas flaites)
-Their parents can easily buy them a car when they are 18 and a appartment with a nice view near to college so they don't have to travel an hour to get there.
-They mostly listen to pop music
-If you are a man you can't date them if you are not from their social circle.
-You will NEVER see a lesbian pelolais, even when sometimes they behave like that.
-They call between them "gordaaa" (fat) even they are skinny as twiggy.
If you've met a girl like these you met a REAL pelolais.

girl: "Let's go to fantasilandia"
pelolais: "No way, there's crowded and full of flaites, ugh never."
girl: "You are so pelolaisss"
by Eloisa_Fe January 17, 2008
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1.-chilean girl, who is the same of a valley girl
dumb and blonde or maybe dyed blond
2.-enemy of a pokemon
OMG that pelolais overthere is hot but dumb
by luis castillo September 27, 2007
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A Pelo Lais is a girl that has Smooth/Iron hair.

The prototype of the dumb girl of the valley that uses words like 'Gorditaa' or 'Savash' or 'Kiss Kiss' with her closest friends
Pelo Lais are Chilean youth who are the enemy of the Pokemones. This girls do 'V.S. Lais' on social networks like facebook when they compite for the profile pic
Oh my god! I hate this girl!
This Pelo Lais girl over there, she thinks she is the best
Oh, well at least her hair is gorgeous
by Pelolais vs Pokemona July 06, 2010
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