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Unlike the other definition, Pelham High School is not that bad. I am still referring to the one in Pelham Alabama.

Yes, we do have a bad reputation for partying. But hey, atleast we know how to have a good time. We usually don't party with other schools because they're no fun. PHS students usually are all close like siblings and we can fucking party hard.

Not every girl here is a whore, not every guy is a player. The person above is obviously jealous cus they ain't gettin' pussy.

Pelham kids know how to have a good time. We can party hard, and throw unforgettable parties.

Just cus we party hard, isn't a bad thing. Atleast when we look back on our high school years we'll smile.

Fuck the haters. They're just jealous.
Go Panthers:D
Thompson guy: Fuck Pelham, we got kicked out of the party.
Thompson guy 2: Yeah, it was the craziest shit I've ever seen though.
Thompson guy: True.
Thompson guy 2: Pelham High School knows how to party.
by PHS_party_animal December 18, 2010
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Pelham High School is a public school located in Shelby County. The students range from the typical high school frat kid or "bro", to drug addicts, to elitist 17 year olds who think they know everything there is to know about politics, religion, and life in general. Pelham High School is not unlike many of the neighboring cities schools if you look past the much lower grade curve, the non-existant educational budget, and the lack of hygiene.

All in all, Pelham High School is a bit below average when it comes to public schools. There are a select few who realize, however that Pelham is JUST a high school. It's not a life sentence, it's simply 4 years of high school education in a slightly below average environment. Only a shrinking minority of students seem to understand this. The students who do nothing but strive to impress others by drinking, doing drugs, and acting like belligerent bigots are only deluding themselves.
Phone conversation:

Pelham Student 1: "Hey man, do you want to go better ourselves as people? We could paint a picture, play an instrument, go on a hike, or simply learn something new about the world."

Pelham Student 2: "I can't hear you over all the drugs, alcohol, and slutbags I'm doing."

Pelham High School
by MrGisanOG January 07, 2012
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A high school located in the city of Pelham, Alabama in the Birmingham region. Students in Pelham are known for being heavy drinkers druggies and partiers. Pelham is one of the major drinking schools in the central Alabama region next to Chelsea and Hoover high school. They are notorious for having tons of big ass parties all weekend. Most Pelham kids usually aren't wealthy like most of the schools in the area. No one hears much about Pelham. Pelham guys are usually big time players, bros, ass holes and play girls. Pelham girls are usually slutty and wear cheap clothing and can always be seen at the Riverchase Galleria on the weekends. Pelham kids are usually out of the picture and the students are very closed off on the weekends and only hang out with other Pelham kids. No one really gives a shit about Pelham. Oh, and the school looks like a prison.
Guy #1- Duuude wheres the party at tonight??

Guy#2- Man, no one at our school is getting crunk tonight. We'd have to go to Pelham High School for one of those.

Guy#1 - Oh, fuck it. No ones allowed to those parties except for Pelham kids.


Girl#1- Shelly, I cant believe what happend, Dave acted like he totally liked me then I went to a party with him, he got with me, and now I haven't heard from him since.

Girl#2- Wait what school is he from

Girl#1- Pelham

Girl#2- Oh, that explains it. All Pelham High School guys are like that. They're total ass holes

Girl#1- Yeah hes drunk and high right now as we speak. figures...
by Jamie3542 July 19, 2009
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