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Peiton-the definition of a bestfriend. She is beautiful, strong, funny, outgoing, independant, and someone you can really depend on. I cant say that if you have someone named Peiton in your life to never let them go because theres only one like her She loves you for who you are not what you could be Anyone who meets her & has the privilege to get to know the real her instantly becomes connected with her No matter what, through thick and thin she'll stay by your side She is someone you hope to still be able to share old memories with while creating new ones Shes the type of person who would fight for you no matter what the odds are & you absolutely love that about her She sings songs with you at annoying volumes & dances with you in public like a crazy person & not even care what other people think She makes you feel like you belong even when you think you don’t When she's gone you miss her like crazy When shes there don't waste a minute You consider yourselves as true sisters & thats a bond that wont be broken Getting her to smile is you're priority If someone were to hurt her you jump up & defend her till the very end Hurting her isn't an option in your world You would literally do ANYTHING for her In the end the point is Peiton is someone you shouldn’t ever let go Shes beautiful inside&out and shes someone you can have so much in common with but still find things to bicker about & In the end shes a great bestfriend & an even better person that i love with all my heart!
My bestfriend/sister Peiton is the best sister anyone could ask for. I am so lucky to have her in my life and i hope to never lose her EVER.
by exltrh2kc September 25, 2012
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