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The mysterious third sex organ, which belongs to either a male or a female. The human being with the pegainis has the ability to mate with itself, or have two humans of each sex organ mate with the pegainis organ. It is also most likely that the human with a pegainis may be pregnant at any random time considering that the testicles are inside of the uterus. During pregnancy, the testicles move up into the fallopian tubes to make room for the fetus. The pegainis is a beautiful sex organ that is very rare. It looks like a vagina with the clitoris the size of a penis. Sometimes the penis part comes out of the opening of the vagina when erected as well as the tiny clitoris being erected. Some pegainis' have the penis inside of the vagaina facing outward and some are replacing the clitoris.
Student: So like if a penis is a one and a vagina is a zero, what number is the pegainis?
Teacher: The pegainis would be a zero with the number one either coming outward through the hole of the number zero or on top of the zero going outward.
by xyz9000 February 17, 2014
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