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the exotic - ie drunk- girl who pees in public, random places, and occasionally random people - borne of necessity and a weak bladder , taking massive skill , agility, and no shame (a noun, occasionally a verb)
The first night I met my bestie, I knew she was a peesha because she peed in a parking lot

Did you see that wicked peesha ? She didn’t even get a drop on her shoes!

Daaaamn, that girl a peesha!

Or even

Pull over, I gotta pull a peesha real quick , and maybe throw up too...
by Kipani4888 July 18, 2019
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noun. Slang term for a female genitalia. (originated with polish displaced people (DPs) from concentration camps who moved to Chicago. pochwa = vagina)
My peesha really hurts from the yeast infection.
by BiPagan January 07, 2010
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