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A P2P protection program that prevents malevolent servers from accessing your computer while you illegally download movies, TV shows, music, books, and other types of "intellectual property." The program doesn't hide your IP address, but it does prevent companies like the recording industry from collecting evidence about what you're downloading. Peer Guardian only blocks IP addresses in its block lists, so it's not 100% effective. Despite this, it's better than nothing.
Peer Guardian 2 is often referred to as "the Condom of the Internet."
by downloader April 02, 2007
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An internet community (and an application) dedicated to p2p privacy and security. manage the PGIPDB (database of threatening IP ranges) and although it's not 100% protection, it's still a useful contribution to improving privacy on p2p networks.
You can use PeerGuardian to help reduce the chances of being caught on p2p.
by ramesys December 05, 2003
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p2p IP blocker. Helps you keep your privacy while using a p2p client (file sharing program like kazaa,limewire,enule etc). Blocks all unwanted IPs from reaching your computer (ads,spyware,trojans,anti-p2p organizations,goverment organizations etc)Peer Guardian also lets you customize "black-lists" of IPs you want to block.
The program is mainly used by people who don't want to get caught downloading illegaly or people who don't want to catch a computer virus while downloading software.
Sweet I just downloaded Peer Guardian 2.0, now I don't have to worry about getting spyware shit from kazaa.
by *666Pyro666* December 04, 2005
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