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The state of paralysis that men feel when other men are waiting for them to finish peeing at a public urinal. Leads to an inability to produce urine flow. Often solved by shaking one's unit and pretending that one has finished, only to walk to another bathroom (or stall) to do it there.
Dude, I was at the bathroom at the Stones concert and there were 15 guys watching me pee, waiting to use the urinal. The pee-ralysis set in and I couldn't get anything out!
by Sinisterslug August 06, 2011
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A phenomenon occurring strictly within public restrooms, wherein one mysteriously loses one's ability to piss. This results in much awkward, self-conscious shuffling around in front of the urinal and whispered pleas to God to restore the ability to piss. Eventually the peeraplegic simply gives up and goes to wash his hands, at which point everyone in the vicinity remorselessly judges him.
Man 1: Fuck, I just couldn't stop thinking about titties, and then I got a boner and I couldn't pee.

Man 2: Nigga please. That was textbook peeralysis right there.
by Xanja December 31, 2011
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