The act of urinating on another person in order to gain friendship or impress them.
...and I turned and I yelled, "Pee fight!" ... and I turned and I peed on him. HRRRNNG NYHRRRR!
by SeanEmmett March 22, 2007
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When two Guys (usually) face eachother (may not be facing eachother due to strategical aspects) and start Pissing on eachother.

There are a few variables determining who wins, some times who ever is the least drenched etc. But in the end, it doesnt matter because everyone has fun.
Two guys walk into a bathroom and use adjacent urinals

Guy 1 turns..


2nd guy turns and fires back.

behold a pee fight
by Troy Past January 12, 2007
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when a person or animal fights with there penis'.
involving whipping or choking the other player.

not necessarily a male, as females can use strap on
several catergories involved, such as long skeet, skeet tag, the all around team deathmatch, and precision, of course
man 1 turns to man 2 and says:"Take off your pants, were having a pee pee fight!!!!"
man 2:"Pee Pee fight!!!!"
by domisharting February 6, 2012
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