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A very sexy awesome brave and great guy. Is one of the biggest freaks in bed youll ever meet. Girls love the pleasure his long tounge brings to them. Very charismatic has alot of friends. And a lot of girls will wish they had him. He has a lot of girls to choose from but he denies it because he only focuses on that one girl that drives him crazy all of the time. He is a great athlete great friend honest loyal and he will keep your secrets no matter what he wont tell anyone anything even under the greatest preassure. He is a Great actor and usually has a smoking hot body that drives girls nuts!! You are lucky if you have pedro as a friend and even luckier if u have him as your boyfriend. But you would never ever want to be on his bad side although usually short when threatned by another person alone or in front of his friends he is no longer that nice guy you use to like he is the hulk himself.
Pedro junior is a great guy to have around.
by The future one January 04, 2015
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