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Someone who seeks to enjoy the fishbait you catch on the ocean waves of the interwebz, being lead on by the so-called jail bait that you assume are of legal age of consent. Then you get lied to and find out you're the gullible moron who fell prey to people who act like undercover cops and/or trolls posing as underaged teens or preteens, you get hooked line and sinked into the trap.

If you're too stupid to figure that out then you're taking a huge risk to pursue jailbait booty from a fake person with a fake picture and profile of someone who looks like they're 18, but happens to be law enforcement undercover or a troll. Then you may be the next pedoshark to end up on the shark fin soup menu.
Underaged Girl: Hey thurr handsome!

Old fart: Do you like popsicles? I fetch you one, you look purrdy, are you 18 yrs old yet?

Underaged Girl Decoy: I swear I'm 18, but don't call me jailbait, because I'm really a 16 yr old decoy and an undercover cop exposing pedosharks like you!

Random Troll: Hahahahaha you loser, get your pervert ass in jail!

Old fart: Fuck, I got hooked line and sinked! fins!
by TheBoyInTheHood February 22, 2013
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