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A creepy fake laugh that is directed from an old man to a young child. The old man is not listening to what the child is saying but using a "fake" laugh that sounds inviting enough for children to feel accepted. The old man is probably thinking of sex with the child and using a "hehe" or "hehehehe" laugh to invite the child to come close.
That hobo totally pedophile laughed at that boy
by runfrompedophileskids! September 21, 2010
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when everyone else is asleep and you see something that makes you want to laugh-- loudly. in this case you are forced to let out a small awkward giggle and refrain from your standard cackle, this makes you sound like a pedophile :))))
"i read your text last night at 3am and my pedophile laugh came out"
by minpin rico May 24, 2015
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