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The illicit act of committing Pedophilia and Bestiality all at the same time.
Person 1: "Dude, do you know about those Clopper guys who post up disgusting drawings all the time?"

Person 2: "Yeah, they're friggin' EVERYWHERE...why?"

Person 1: "Well, apparently what they do is illegal."

Person 2: "Seriously? But don't they just spam porn of cartoon ponies all over the place?"

Person 1: "...Nope. They actually self-published Pony porn magazines from funding that was supposed to be used for charity."

Person 2: "That's just GROSS, it's like Pedophestiality is their entire world!"

Person 1: "Y'know, I can't tell you how correct you are 'bout that, dude."
by Taargus Margonia March 11, 2014
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