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A Pedo-Fish is a peadophile who can hold his breath for a really long time and is also good at gargling balls. A Pedo-Fish uses a white van to abduct little kids and has a fishy smell to him.
Person 1: I saw a white van and in the backs was barrels of water and candy, I think a Pedo-Fish is luring his next victim sometime soon.
Person 2: Well the quireboys at church went missing last week so it makes sense.
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by EmergentAxis810 May 30, 2016
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A fish that likes following/touching/watching other small fish, mostly male fish.
That fish is a pedofish.
That pedofish keeps touching those baby fish.
by SuupaKoopa December 07, 2011
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A type of person who fucks 10 year olds without knowing???

Also known as : wapedo
Pedo: looool
Real person: why acting up you pedofish
by Bear with a trench coat September 28, 2017
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