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Pronounced: \ˈpe-də-bȯl\
Function: Noun
Inflected Form(s): Pedo-Balling

The Pedo-Ball, also known as Pedoball and in Europe the Peterball is the bait used by a pedophile to lure children over to him or her.

The ball is tossed into a crowd of children in the hope that one of them will bring the ball back over to the pedophile, who will then strike up a conversation or perhaps kidnap the child with the intent to molest.

This term was first used and discussed on the NAMBLA forums where users debated over the best way to meet boyfriends.

Over time the definition has changed and a pedo-ball can in actuality be any bait which is used to lure children to yourself with the intent to molest.
"That ball filled with candy is straight up Pedo-ball bait"

"Bob is going Pedo-Ballin' tonight, he's got the ice cream truck ready"
by AshxXx March 30, 2009
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