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An alternative to "Jesus Christ", used when you're not allowed to swear or blaspheme, i.e in Church, at a religious school. Also used depending upon your religion, if you are a part of a religion where it is forbidden to swear, or use obsenities "peas and rice" may be used as an alternative to "Jesus Christ".
Mainly used when you make a stupid mistake.
Person 1: *does something stupid*
Person 2: *points out the stupid occurrence*
Person 1: Peas and rice, that was possibly the most stupid thing I have ever done!
by edwardinho edwards September 21, 2011
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Used as a clean version of the swear Jesus Christ.

From the Hot Fuzz DVD, in the clean airline version.

Peas and Rice, what was that? - Clean
Jesus Christ, what was that? - Dirty

by Dead-Eric August 24, 2007
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