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A peaceful, quiet town in Northern Alberta with a river running through the center of it. The hottest chicks in Canada hang out at the local ski hill called Misery Mountain. There's also a cornocopia of pine beetles devouring the trees.
Guy from BC: "Dude! I just got back from my ski-trip to Peace River! There was some HOT CHICKS there!"

Other Guy From BC: "Dude! Really? I gotta get me some of dat!"
by crazykitteh January 24, 2010
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A place in northern Alberta. Dustin and Acacia the cow live there. Lots of natives live in Peace River so it always smells like whiskey. There are at least 5 native homeless native villages in Peace River. Peace River is missing hot girls except for Drew's cousin, who actually lives in Vancouver. But were not going to get technical.
Peace River is going to have a Nuke plant in it.
by Chris tian May 11, 2009
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