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P.B.B.C is a fraternal organization that arose from obscure origins in the 2009's. P.B.B.C stands for Peen Bro Bird Crew which includes a large diversified group of individuals who range from bird flippers to digital media gangstas.

Formed from a unity of powerful websmasters who shared a dislike for a certain Mack, the fraternity was administratively organized into a "mafia" structure of leadership. After their first successful coup d'état in which the P.B.B.C flexed their muscle by exposing their box cutters, the Mack was silenced for eternity. After realizing the united power in which they held as a whole, the fraternity became a brotherhood which is now known as the "real" never ending dynasty which will last long past 1000 years.

The official mascot of the P.B.B.C is the penis bird and the national flag of the P.B.B.C can be found at your dad's house.

Also, my dad is your mum.
Typical Pbbc Scenario:

Richard Peterson: Hi I am currently in need of a higher payout.

affiliate manager: How many sales are you sending a month?

Richard Peterson: I am new to the program, so none.

Affiliate Manager: Sorry you need to send atleast 30 sales a period for an increased payout.

Richard Peterson: P.B.B.C fo liiiiiiiii ie ie ie ie!!!

Affiliate Manager: Please no, I have a wife and child.

Affiliate Manager: I apologize sir, I am now going to comp your account 750 signups at 50.00 per signup.
by Dime Easy January 13, 2010
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