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The hottest and sexiest babe on earth she has nice hazel and blue eyes and makes cute noises when shes happy.
Payje is sooooo hot
by Zilchorse June 26, 2017
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"the most beautiful on the planet", that girl that makes your heart skip a beat when you see her face, and your heart race when she speaks.
"That Payje is a dime".

Man she's amazing ima call her Payje"
by Jackson.5. April 18, 2018
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Is that Payje I see she’s the cutest one you will see with her bright hazel green eyes. She will make you melt inside when she walks in a room, with her sarcastic personality that’ll make you cringe. She’s one to like many men but once she finds the one she’s stricken to it, she also finds love at a vary young age. She acts like a bad ass but we all know she’s really not. She’s also good at Math and Science. So when you find a Payje keep her real close you will need her one day.
Friend is that Payje
You I know that is cause her beautiful eyes

Friend yeppers
by Payje_Ann November 27, 2018
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