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Any trailer trash, white trash, meth head, toothless cousin raping child molester. Comes from a show on ID discovery. Can also be used to describe anyone that does anything wrong.
Drew: "did you hear that my neighbor got arrested for meth possession and child molestation."
Cody: "yea he's a real Pawchuck"
by Booch March 26, 2016
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Comes from a show on investigation discovery and is defined as any white trash, toothless meth head junkie man. Also can be used to describe a pedophile.
Drew: "Did you hear about my neighbor getting arrested for making meth?"

Cody: "Yea, that creepy old pedophile was a true paw chuck."

rapist pedophile junkie meth head
by Reeves com May 08, 2016
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