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The act of pulling down your pants and attempting to suck your own penis in the middle of a sporting event, theatrical performance, or any other event where you are somewhat the focus of attention. In the act of Pavelskiing, the Pavelskier will attempt to Pavelski in a non-discrete location, however all audience members will notice the person attempting to suck their own penis because they are in the middle of an event where many people are focused in on them. The act of Pavelskiing is named after Joe Pavelski, a San Jose Sharks player, who was the first person to attempt such an act.
Person 1- "Hey did you just see that goal?!?"
Person 2- "No I did not see that goal, nor did anyone else, because I was too busy watching the goalie Pavelskiing. He was trying so hard but just couldn't get his own penis into his mouth."
by tallglassofwater December 24, 2014
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