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A small county just outside of Metro Atlanta. There are some big areas like downtown Dallas and the City of Hiram, but to the West and North there is nothing. In some parts, like East Hiram and Outer Dallas, it is full of rednecks and hillbillies who drive around in there old Ford diesel trucks jacked up with a confederate flag flying out the back, a gun rack, flood lights, and four wheel drive. These are the same people that sit out on their front porch with their shotguns telling you to get off their lawns. Some local hangouts are Sparkles, where Hiram kids go, and Stars N' Strikes, where everyone else goes. Proper attire is Camouflage pants and woodland pattern coat. A great hiking place is the Paulding Forest, some Atlanta and State owned property near the airport in West Dallas.
Guy 1: Well, I'm heading off to Paulding County for some bowling!

Guy 2: Don't get shot on your way over! If you see camo and a confederate flag, run!
by countryboy13 November 17, 2010
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