Patrick swayze was the hottest thing to all
The skraggled curly hair having moms of
The 80's. his legacy of over-rated
80's sexiness carried into modern day as a
Form of expression to how sexy something
You've done or created, or even just looking in the mirror
I quote trailer park boys "Conky":

"Oooooh my Julian, my handsome Julian
Patrick swayze who was so fucking sexy
In road house and fucking dirty dancing"

Another example:
"My car Escalade has candy in the paint
15" subs and 24" spinners it's looking
Sooo Patrick fucking swayze"
by Bzabranikan April 27, 2013
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Zeus's secret side dude
Stolen from the underworld
Kidnapped by Spaghet and Priapus
Very very very disoriented
Hated by Hera
New Queen of Olympus
When Zeus kidnapped Patrick Swayze's ghost from the Underworld, Hades wasn't happy because Zeus stole him for personal reasons. Zeus changed form just to be in Dirty Dancing. This is also why Jennifer Grey had no acting roles after.
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The name someone gives to their ghost gun or the name they use when copping a ghost gun.
Person 1 answering the door to law enforcement: Your warrant better be a quiji board, that's the only way You're talking to Patrick Swayze.

Person 2: Hey, I need to come through and pick up Swayze.
by DukeNugem July 26, 2023
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