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This all-encompassing term is used to describe any one of the many contagions, odors or bodily fluids that potentially fester upon a patient (typically a physical therapy patient). When a particularly rampant cold spreads through a healthcare clinic, it can often be attributed to "patient funk." When one's sweater smells like feet after a hard day's work, blame patient funk. When a foul odor wafts through the waiting room, across the gym, and into the charting room, one can be sure there is patient funk to be shared...
Thing 1: Dude, what's this brown crusty stuff on my khakis?
Thing 2: Ten bucks says it's patient funk. Hope it's not poo.


Thing 2: I've had this cough for 3 months now. WTF?
Thing 1: Yeah, you got patient funk from that shoulder patient who came in with pneumonia in January.
by Dr. Evil 518 April 28, 2011
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