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Antonym to ‘passive aggressive’ but still as childish and/or immature. Example: Your crush walks into the gym. You the passive peaceful mirror your workout according to his/hers ensuring you are in line of sight at least 75% of the time, but at no time do you say hi or initiate any communication because you know you’re a spineless wussy. Moreover, he/she is CLEARLY aware of your presence but refrains from any passive aggressive behavior instead rising above the weakness you fail miserably at.
(At gym)

Hot Gym Patron #1: That guy over there always follows my routine, constantly stares, and always finds some weird way of walking right in front me but acts like it’s always an accident.

Hot Gym Patron #2: So annoying! I cant stand when someone is passive peaceful .

Grow up.
by Jeffrey Richards May 31, 2018
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