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Pas-de-tude: Adjective, Pronounce (pah-de-tood)- Is a hybrid-word originated in The South of France, a place where rude, arrogant people are rampant. The prefix "Pas" in French means "NOT", "DE" means "OF" and "TUDE" is an English suffix borrowed from the word "ATTI-TUDE". Full translation simply means, lack of snobbery, refreshingly not arrogantly, surprisingly nice, kind, normal, easy going.
I had a great day in Saint Tropez, at Club 55 a popular Summer haunt for celebrities and tres chic folk. I didn't know what to expect from the Club 55 staff, but to my amazement they were completely pasdetude. Amazeballs!!!
by RaRa1 September 01, 2013
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