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Normally abbreviated to PCC. This is a community college that is located in Pasadena, which is located in Southern California if you're wondering. Some people consider this to be the best ocmmunity college in California but they are mostly wanking and fanboying the quality of the school. The school is old and each classroom can only contain 30 people at most. They also allow anyone to enter into the school and this includes nutcases since Pasadena has quite a few crazy people in its vicinity.

Some of the people that this school allows includes people that believes in alien conspiracy theories (ie reptilians), members that supposedly support or are members of groups such as Scientology, people that thinks that mythology and religious texts (such as The Bible) aren't in the public domain and is owned by a company, a person or something, rednecks and even the infamous Fred Phelps was an alumni of this school. Yes, this school is nuts.
Pasadena City College is considered by its fantards to be a good school but in reality, it contains some of the most idiotic people on the face of the planet. There are crazy people there that thinks that we should sue John Milton for reinterpreting religious characters in "Paradise Lost" because they think that the characters aren't public domain (they are public domain you imbeciles), people that think that aliens are among us and most importantly, Fred Phelps.
by Digital Preacher December 25, 2014
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