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A alternate euphoric reality that materializes when all the conditions are correct for extreme partying, these include but are not limited to: finishing difficult exams, exiting a dysfunctional long term relationship and not having to work the next day. A substance must be consumed, usually alcohol, in the presence of friends with similar intention of visiting Partytown. Music, dancing, club, house-party may provide an appropriate portal to depart on the journey.

The town can be seen only by those in it but one forgets most of the details and people they meet there the next day - thus the mystical nature of the place.
Student: I have one more exam left then the girls and I are going to Partytown.

Mum: I see dear, is that on the East Coast ?

Student: It's whenever I am Mum, god..

Jasmin: You were Queen of Partytown last night..

Partygirl: Was I ? I have no idea what happened. Winning.

Jasmin: That's Partytown for you.
by MK92 June 07, 2011
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awesome, amazing, a little bit sketch, legit, unreal, badass, etc.
Dizamn, that couch you bought from Pelican Thrift is so party town!
by 1922 Broadway August 14, 2010
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