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A way to classify and organize the people who affiliate with and surround you according to how you view them. The people are organized into these distinct parties:

First Party: Yourself ("I" am the first party)

Second Party: Close friends/ relatives who are a benefit to your overall well being

Third Party: Coincidental Characters, people who you do not know and are neither a benefit or a detriment to your overall well being

Fourth Party: Idiots. People that kinda- really piss you off, and thus deserve their own catagory

Fifth Party: Subhumans. People that are so freaking stupid they can't even be considered a human being anymore

Sixth Party: People who don't exist. These people are so unbearably terrible that you refuse to acknowledge their existance. They're just... not even there

*Note: The party system is a simple comical device, and should not be used to intentionally degrade or put down others.
Party System Uses In Real Life:

Bob: "For crying out loud, who are all these third party individuals at our cafe??"

Frank: "Apparently the cafe across the street got shut down."


Bob: "Wow man, Jose is so stupid, I think I'm gonna have to demote him to fourth party."

Frank: "Yeahh..."


Bob: "Ughh! Oh my... Oh for crying out... Ok. Thats it I can't stand Beth anymore. She's not even there. I think we have ourselves a sixth party"

Frank: "Who's Beth?"

Bob: "Good man!"
by ALmighty2410 December 27, 2009
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