A god-forsaken, festering shithole of a place to work, where starting pay is laughable, raises might as well be nonexistent, and the most dedicated employees last a month, tops. Hordes of young black women with purses that resemble gym bags and roving bands of the swishiest gay black guys you've ever seen in your life steal nonstop from this place. Just about every customer is a loathsome, submoronic piece of shit, and at the end of the night, you feel like killing yourself.
Life is cold hard shit, and working at Party City proves it.
by Aunt Mabel February 28, 2009
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When having sex with a girl, the girl must wear a mask of her father and if her father is dead she has to wear a skeleton mask.
Girl: Lets do something kinky!

Guy: Are you up for the party city?
by Dan, Giorgio, Yuri March 29, 2005
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an ejaculated-on stack of party city costume catalogs to the point it is a solid stone slab of dried semen
John: Why do you have a brick under your bed and why is it white?
Danny: It's my party city brick bro
by sackTN December 26, 2022
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Refers to a drag queen's low quality wig. Very similar to the shine and texture of "My Little Pony's" mane and tail hair. Most likely purchased at the costume store 'Party City'.

May also be used with the phrase Pucci.
Look at that mess of a queen over there with that party city wig!

That's a shame.
by Allison January 4, 2005
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