A person of large stature with copious amounts of body hair, especially facial body hair who organises gatherings for other bears to meet and get to know each othher with sexual intimacy involving the legs and feet in particular .
" who organised this great soiree ? That big guy beardy over there with the giant blue penis, hes thev party bear "
by Cheap ass hoe December 3, 2018
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A Dancing Bear Party/Orgy is a private male stripper revue, for preferably an all female audience, (think working late is synonym for girls night out; bachelorette and/or birthday parties). There comes a time during the evening, when due to peer pressure, wagers, checking something off their 'bucket list'. alcohol induced lost inhibitions, or simple exhibitionist cravings, some of the attendees can no longer resist the hotwife opportunity just inches from her. As though under gyrating crotch hypnosis covered) she follows his oral instructions, telling her she knows she wants to and it is okay for her to feel it, touch it, suck it too. Hearing cheering encouragement urging her to give into her carnal desires, most women don't, most hotwives and those to be do.
Michelle: I told hubby we have to work late, so I can go with you to Sandie's Birthday Party.

Shirley: You will be glad you did. The Dancing Bears are going to be there.

Michelle: Is that as in "dancing bear party/orgy"?
Shirley: Yeah.

Michelle: I read a story about this housewife, her Mom and sister went to one of these parties. One sister challenged the other to feel the dancer's cock. She took it a few steps further, stroking and eventually sucking on him. She offered some to her and then her Mom. Her Mom accepted. She had no choice, plus it looked so delicious.
Shirley: Wow! Me too. Come on, hurry we have to pick up Mom.
by RTPNick March 1, 2014
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An album released in October 16, 2015 by Gummibär. Songs in it include Gummy Twist, I Want Candy, Woof! There is Is, KikiRiki, Moves Like Jagger, Wati Wati Wu, Bubble Up, Gummy Style, Go For The Goal, The Locomotion, Gummy Bomba, I'm a Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song), Monster Mash, Lucky Star, Lullaby and Xmas Town.
Jonathan: "My favorite album is Gummy bear party pop."
Suzie: "Really? Me too!"
Jonathan: "I guess we have more in common that I thought."
by aurriae September 25, 2020
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