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1. To downgrade to an extreme level of pathetic behavior.

2. When all you've got to say when your ass is cornered is one or a combination of the following: jk, idc, idk, w.e.
Example 1
Dude: The cops decided to search my apartment because they thought a girl was getting raped. I don't have a girlfriend but I know I have nightmares at night.
Other Dude: LOLOL loser, you're parthetic!

Example 2
Parthetic Guy: go get a life!
Girl: no you!
Parthetic Guy: i have one
Girl: better go find it!
Parthetic Guy: idc w.e.
by pineapplefreshlulz April 15, 2009
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when one becomes far too excited about a pretty boy or girl, tries to label themselves as pathetic, then misspells pathetic because they're looking at said pretty boy or girl
by moonpills February 14, 2010
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