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Very cool! Usually nice. A real polite guy. Very cute and handsome. Also has a way with the ladies.
See him, thats Parsh.
by The Establisher! September 07, 2010
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a partial boner, usually what you have 10 minutes after waking up after a night of heavy sex
guy1: dude do you have morning wood??
guy2: nah, i just got a parsh.
by tivstip95 January 23, 2010
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It's an intentional mispronunciation of "Porsche," you perverts (and also some guy named Parsh).
Man interrupting conversation, pointing at a Porsche: "Sir, I believe it is pronounced 'por-sha.'"
Extremely correct person chiming in to fix this mansplainer's annoying conversation derail: "Nope, it's definitely 'parsh.'"
by hello TXDOT October 03, 2019
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Creator of explicit terms using mis pronunciated names to combine everyday mishap into several linguistic formations
the parsh licks my ass hole on thursday nights when my hormones are flowin like red kool-aid
by the parsh May 11, 2003
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