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Boss mane behind Dem Franchize Boyz. A Jehovah's Witness from Bankhead Ave in the West Side of Atlanta (Zone 1), his hobbies include snapping, spitting and counting bills. Oh, and slapping people will said bills. His style focuses more on sticking with the rhyme at hand and trying to find two (in some cases up to 4) word-long phrases that rhyme throughout his verses. Along with Pimpin, he raps the majority of the verses that you've heard on the radio (with the exception of "Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It", in which he sets it up with a long-ass wait and then his name pops up "PARLAE" and you can tell he runs the whole place.
"What's hapnin' Parlae?"
Same ol', same ol'
Just tryin' to get this paper to unfold wit them lame hoes
They holla for a dolla, they know that my bank fold
It's the reason for the season, so now I'mma change hoes
I make 'em then I break 'em and shake 'em and drain hoes
I don't play no games, why they thinkin' I'm lame fo'?
Now when I'm bustin' nugs it's yo head I'm 'on aim fo'
And givin' you snitches stitches 'cause that's how the game go
I'm lerkin' and I'm merkin' and workin' the game, oh
I sell two for five in the weed and I slang blow
Now Pistol keep it pimpin' in gators and Kangos
But niggas hit the club, then go trap in the same clothes
Yeah, I got that mid for the cheap and it came low
Ridin' on 24's, swervin' from lane to lane, ho
I'm flashin' new twenties, so hoes follow like rainbows
"How they always rip the track?"
Cause that's what I came fo'
by Jayr Jones March 28, 2006
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