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A small kindergarten-fifth grade public school in Walnut Creek, with about 450 students. Parkmead has two parts: PALS, the part of the school for the kids with stay-at-home, overprotective, middle-class housewife mothers. The other parts is PCS, which is for students who are independent

PALS stands for Parkmead Active Learning School. Parents are required to volunteer at least 60 hours a year in the PALS program. They go on more field trips than PCS and having "learning" experiences like MAGIC, which is just parents making up an excuse to show up at school. PALS does boast the coolest teacher in the world, Mr. Moore, but that does not make up for it lameness. Many kids in PALS will struggle when they have to go to regular school and find it difficult to make new friends.

PCS stands for Parkmead Curriculum School. Students in PCS are generally wealthier than PALS students, but have two parents with full-time jobs instead of one. PCS sticks to the curriculum, but still adds fun activities for students. PCS students are smarter and have more confidence than PALS students. PCS students have been known to bully PALS students and call the babies.
"I went to Parkmead Elementary School!"-person #1
"So did I! I was in PCS!"-person #2
"Ya! I learned and now I'm a plastic surgeon with a six-figure salary!"-person #2

*meanwhile, PALS graduate is crying in the corner.
by evacuatethedancefloor December 31, 2011
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