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A person who will circle the parking lot, until a spot near the entrance is open.
Look at all the parking lot vulture waiting for the perfect spot.
by v8explorer November 18, 2010
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Person who circles around a parking lot in their vehicle looking and waiting for anyone that is getting into their vehicle to leave so the "vulture" may immediately take the spot. This is usually done because the "vulture" is too lazy to take a spot further away from the entrance. Universities and large chain stores are usually full of parking lot vultures much like a desert is full of actual vultures.
Person 1: I was dropping some things off in my car this morning after I went to the gym and someone was stopped right behind me. Then they peeled out after they saw that I was just dropping things off to my car.

Person 2: Sounds like you were almost a classic victim to a Parking Lot Vulture.

Person 1: Those people are dicks.

Person 2. Yes. Yes they are.
by WhattheChuck April 17, 2013
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