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Park Village is a boring ass neighborhood in northern San Diego where every house looks the same and there's nothing to do. It is also referred to as PV or the PVG (park village ghetto). It's is a bland ass mix of wealthy white families and like a big ass Asian retirement community. A ton of Asians. Other than whites and Asians there are about 5 black people and there's also the Mexican gardeners. The neighborhood is just another lame ass suburb and looks like 3/4s of Scripps Ranch. It's got one in and one way out, so everything except for the little ghetto ass park across from the elementary school is a car drive away. The white folks are friendly and the Asians are antisocial and built gated fortresses around the front doors of their homes. There are little finger canyons between the homes where the illegal Mexicans build their huts. The streets of PV can be characterized by speeding cars on Park Village Road and slow ass Asians driving Corrolas. Park Village Road at night serves as a drag strip for the dumbass teens. Teens in PV tend to live boring lives and knock over trash cans on trash day in their cars to feel badass. The sidewalks are mainly used by creepy old Asians going on very slow walks and the infamous Crazy Legs Joe, this guy who has a gumpy ass power walk. The cops are for the most part lazy ass dudes who don't do anything except drive up and down PV Road a few times a day cause nothing ever happens in Park Village.
Why the hell is this Corrola going so damn slow on Park Village Road?

It's an Asian duhh
by Coolguy2453 July 26, 2014
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