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Doing the Park City Sun Dance or "the dance" is simply the dance the locals do around the Park City Utah Sundance Film Festival. In 2015 it will be held Jan. 22-Feb. 1st. Locals steer clear of Main St. and downtown Park City, unless they want to people watch or join in the fun of fighting to get a seat at a top restaurant in town, look for celebrities on opening weekend, or watch a few independent films.
One local talking to another local in Park City, Utah before The Fest. Ready for the ole Park City Sun Dance this year? I need to get a parking pass for Silver Mountain gym for Sundance or my car might be towed. Are you going to do the Dance on Main St.? Might see some out of towners in fur, or people out trying to spot a celebrity, but for sure you'll see the "people in black," who are in the industry. If I wear all black they'll assume I'm just one of them if I borrow your credentials to go to a few concerts at Sundance. If you walk up Main St., don't look too dressed up or hot, or someone will think you might be famous and try to take your picture with their smartphone.
by Candycasa December 26, 2014
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