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Parishiltonitis Par-is-hil-ton-i-tis is a disease that is ravaging the united states. It seems to affect young women ages 12-25. Signs and symptoms of the disease include spray tanning until one is orange, dressing like a hoochie, bleaching ones hair to a crisp, using words like "Oh my god that's hawt!" and "Like oh my god, like, wow, like, like!".

People with the disease seem to have illusions of grandeur and are more self absorbed than a tampon. They also get sudden urges to film themselves having sex and post it on the internet.

Unfortunatly the only known cure for Parishiltonitis is something called growing up.......
Mary used to be a natural beauty, until she got a bad case of Parishiltonitis
by Hip no tiz er April 10, 2006
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