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I know it's old news, and those pics have been passed around the net for a while now, but... omg, I can't get over it. She was fuckin' ugly (see the 10th pic of Paris Hilton). But that doesn't mean she needed to do what she did. Then again, if I had that much dough, I would too. Anyway, here were her problems:
1) Wtf was with her hair? It's like she bleached it and decided not to for a year! Two-colored hair looks good sometimes, but not in that picture. She could have atleast dyed it back her natural color.
2) Why was she so white!? It's as if she were albino. She probably wishes she was so she'd be blonde and have blue eyes. IMO, she needed the tan.
3) Her nose, although it's still obnoxious. That seems to be unfixable, even with tha plastic surgery she got.
4) Wtf is she wearing? 'Nuff said...
5) I'm not gonna lie, and say "she looked better before". She really didn't. She was fugly! Pretty much from all of the above mentioned.
Also, just a side note, but you'll notice that her natural eyes are brown (EVERYTHING about her is fake). I read that she goes through a pair of her $170 dollar contacts a day and spends like $100,000 on them a year. Ouch!
You can call someone a "Paris Hilton teen" if they decide to get a tan, bleach their hair, wear blue contacts, and get cosmetic surgery.
by sorrysauce June 18, 2007
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