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One who is as beautiful as an angel or goddess, kind, unselfish, lovely, sexy, and funny. The perfect girl.
by j0mammy January 29, 2005
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Paralee is very beautiful, drop dead gorgeous. Her eyes are the most beautiful things you will ever see in this world. When you look into them they make you see all that is good in this world, they make you want to believe in love, they make you want to believe souls exists because she is so perfect in every single way. But do not let her fool you, she is a master with words, she'll tell you what she knows you want to hear just so she can have what she wants from you. She will look at you with those big, gorgeous eyes and you will believe anything she says, while she says she loves you she is looking for a way to break your heart because you're nothing but a game to her. The only person she has ever loved is herself. Yes this may sound rude and incredibly wrong, but people should be warned. She is Taylor swift song material.
Paralee is the most beautiful name in the world.
by Realthug July 11, 2014
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