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The inverse of vice-presidential candidates name, Sarah Palin strangely enough becomes "para sailing".
"To get to Russia, Sarah Palin goes Parah Salin".
by phillip n July 08, 2009
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V. - To parasail on the political engine in the carefree, thoughtfree, moralfree way that Sarah Palin did, until here untimely crash and death. To use renewable wind energy to puff oneself up with hot air and leave solid ground, in pursuit of unreachable sunsets and clouds, ignoring all rains and waves, and criticisms.

Not to be confused with Sarahfailing or Sarahfalin.
"Yo mahn, wehr u behn?"
"I wehnt to dah hehrtlahnd mahn, wehnt parah salin in da carrihbeeahn."
"I dohnt see ahnee bohdeelee ihnjuhrees thoh mahn..."
"Noh, I meen pohlihtihcahlee, I wahs ahrehstehd fo' sohlihsitin' prahsihtuhshun."
by G.M.H. November 05, 2009
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