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To be paralyzed from the neck down.

Generally used by those who find insensitivity amusing or those who are just terrible doctors. It is particularly offensive to those who are or who know someone who is "Parafucked".
Example one
I know what's up: he's completely ... Parafucked!! Ha-ha-ha!


Did everybody hear what I said? I said "Parafucked", ha-ha-ha!
You know, he's paralyzed and he's fucked, right? Get it? It's funny, right? Am I right? Totally hilarious! I'll bet you're all laughing on the inside, right? *Yammering on uselessly*

Example two

Uhn ... where am I?

Hurray, you're alive!! Your spine got all weird and shit which is why you're here, duh, I know right? Anyway yeah, you're now completely Parafucked and stuff. So uh, don't try to escape, ha-ha! Ah .... Okay then, take care! *Leaves*
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