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Papoopah is an inappropriate chatter that exposes itself in conversational-excitement. Like when you are engaging in a general conversation, and out of nowhere a person decides to say something odd, highly inappropriate, and/or unnecessary.
A discussion in an open forum between a group of strangers. Female: That is exactly why people should not be having unprotected sex. Male: Well if that's your stance then I can definitely respect it. But don't turn around and tell me you're letting dudes hit you raw. Or that you expect to receive oral sex. I mean I'm just saying.... Female: Stay in your lane pedestrian. You just took an educational conversation into the gutter. 1. Don't assume every female that engages in an open debate wants to take it to a personal or sexual place with you or wants to hear you direct them in that way. 2. Don't assume I would ever personally turn to you to discuss sex. 3. You don't know me like that. | What the male just did is called: Papoopah. The conversation excited him so much - he forgot himself and took the conversation to another level, somewhere the female didn't want or indicate she had intended to go. Therefore, it became necessary for the female to stand her ground and tell the male that he had crossed a line; that just because a sexual issue is being discussed between a man and a woman - it did not mean he had clearance to make assumptions about her or offer her advice of a sexual nature. Until that point the female thought she was participating in an educational debate.
by 21stCenturyFemale May 14, 2018
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