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A person who is excessively clean when sober or buzzed as well as particularly skilled at maintaining other people in a drunken state to a certain point. A Paper Tolle is subject to losing control of his or her alcohol and becoming messy (particularly vomiting or breaking things) at any given moment.
*Paper Tolles do not believe in moderation; they just go until they can't handle anymore alcohol.
*Paper Tolles are excellent at pulling themselves out of "sticky situations" until they get to cocky.
"Dude i swear he just cleaned that carpet, why is there puke and glass all over it?"
"They said he was fine, then he just smashed a bottle over his head and puked screaming 'I'm a Toys R Us kid!'... Being a real Paper Tolle up in here."

"A 30 rack and a Paper Tolle is like giving a kid a sucker; one that slowly makes him want to break everything he sees because he 'can't stop won't stop' "
by therealmcgangbang October 19, 2011
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