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Also known as a Paper Cutout Euro or PCEs for short, this sort will be found on various chat/discussion/debate venues. They will prate on about how free they really are despite massive amounts of evidence to the contrary, attempt to compare thir crime rates to that of the USA, despite the massive disparities in population, blindly claim that the USA is the worst polluter in the world without considering Gross Domestic Product, etc. In a way, they are the moden equivalents of those from Europe who decided that all Americans were like the character in "A Fistful of Dollars"; dusty serape well worn, a loaded .45 Colt to settle any slight, and not to be counted out if there was grifting to be done or profit to be made.
The USA has a lot more murders then my European country does!! The USA is a dangerous place to live!!

Interesting....when you do a proportionate/per capita comparison, it seems that your country has more comparative crime per capita, especially violent crime.

We are more free then the USA!

Oh, so that is why that one person was jailed for writing a book denying the holocaust? If they did so in the USA, they would be ridiculed, not jailed; you were also going to talk about tolerance? You assuredly are a Paper Cutout European.
by Ironbrand September 10, 2006
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