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The term Papathanassopoulos was coined in ancient times in greece, on mount olymp. Today it can be interpreted as "semi-immortal demigod being of greek descent". Some say it may have derived from the phrase "to be awesome and win in life" (from greek: O papathanassopoulos einai kalo paidi kai ena karpuzi me ta mallia). In more modern times it had different meaning all together. Around 50 B.C. at the first conquering of jerusalem Papathanassopoulosionism was associated with an overall philosophy of approaching the meaning of life. This world view still exists in the area 2000 years later.

At the downfall of the roman empire it was the basic fundament of society and politics. Somewhat later, in the beginning of the dark age Papathanassopoulos gave even the most mundane people a sense and direction, something to live and strive for. When the middle ages found a renaissance through scientific progress and the schools of reasoning Papathanassopoulos still survived as part of the wisdom and knowledge of the clerics and became a new blossom in the revolutionary ideas. Till this day Papathanassopoulos has such a big impact on society that leading Nations agreed on previous world summits that it constitutes a human right and should be the new democratic system from that point ongoing. If you see one in reallife you'll have a chance of reaching never reached mental states. To be in the present of Papathanassopoulos is equivalent with the greatest joys in life.
"There's nothing that beats Papathanassopoulos"
"Why try yourself if you have Papathanassopoulos"
"Pronounciation is key, when talking Papathanassopoulos"
"Be Papathanassopoulos, or do not be at all"
"If you don't get Papathanassopoulos, it will get you".
"Picky Folks like you need Papathanassopoulos"
"Nothing is impossible, if you have Papathanassopoulos"
"Papathanassopoulos, Who else?"
by niksda June 29, 2018
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