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A rocket launcher used by the Germans on both fronts which are the eastern front (Russia) and western europe during World War 2. Panzershreck when translated from German to English means '' something that scares tanks '' or basically ''tank terror'' . I don't see why a tank crew wouldn't be afraid because the Panzershreck is chambered for a 88mm rocket . The Panzershreck is a reusable anti tank rocket launcher.
When the Sherman rolled down the road in the town it halted to a stop , as the crew where in terror as soon as the yanks saw the german panzershreck just a few yards away from them they rushed to get the hell out of what would have been just another fiery coffin
by stg 44 killer October 06, 2010
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a german term for their superior world war 2 anti-tank lanuncher the panzershreck which is the equivalent of the american bazooka. It means "tank terror".
Hey Stephen, Panzershreck isnt a military march!!!!
by Big A September 05, 2003
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