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A male with an obsessive panty fetish and can only get off wanking with panties. Prefers used and dirty panties over new.

Gets off by jerking himself while stroking with a pair of panties, or wanking into a pair, sniffing a pair, shoving a pair in his mouth or looking at panty porn.

Typically is a known panty thief and steals panties from retail stores, public laundry facilities or when visiting someone’s home.

Usually in possession of one or more pairs of panties at any given time and is usually wearing a pair.
Jon is a panty whacker. His perversion has taken over his life. He wears panties 27/4 and masturbates 6-8 times a day using both silk and cotton panties to stimulate himself.
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by Eaton Holgoode January 17, 2018
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